PhD in Environmental Sciences an der Central European University in Budapest

Farhad Mukhtarov aus Aserbaidschan erzählt uns von seinem Studium an der Central European University in Budapest.

Why Budapest? Why CEU?
Back in Azerbaijan, after graduating with a BA in international economics, I was working at a bank; it wasn’t a very inspiring job. At the same time, I was also involved in the green movement and wanted to find a way to connect economics with environmental issues. After talking to a CEU alumnus, I was convinced that it had the best environmental sciences program in the region, and I was sold on its academic excellence. Also, without the university’s great financial aid, I wouldn’t have been able to finance my studies.

How do you like living in Budapest? How does it compare to other places you’ve lived?
Budapest’s a dynamic city with a great urban cultural life. I also love that there’s a large international community, and at CEU you get accustomed to an international setting; it’s like an addiction. In terms of other places, Budapest feels the most comfortable. I know where to go for anything I need and feel very welcome here. Having lived elsewhere, I value the good public transportation and sunny weather here.

How do you balance school with your social life?
The intensity of studies at CEU is very high. There’s a lot of peer pressure to do well – because you’re surrounded by very good students, you want to do your best, too. However, I’ve found that it’s impossible to have a successful academic life without having an active social life as well. You have to learn how to juggle the two.

How has CEU affected your future plans?
Being a student there has taught me that the power of the individual is huge. Working with other motivated students, you can change many things. I’ve learned a lot from my peers, not just from my professors. Students here are infused with an enthusiasm to create change, and this drives me to achieve my own goals.

Wir bedanken uns bei Farhad Mukhtarov!

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