Public Policy an der Central European University in Budapest

Minhua Lin aus China erzählt uns von ihrem Masterstudium an der Central European University in Budapest.

What was the reason you chose Budapest for your post-graduate studies?
My main motivation was that I really wanted to live in a Central Eastern European country. I’m doing my Master’s in public policy, and I wanted to experience how things work here since the fall of communism. After my studies, I’d like to go back to China and apply my experience and knowledge that I gained in Europe. I’d never been to Budapest before but I’d heard a lot about it. Plus, when I found CEU, I made my decision in the blink of an eye.

How does your B-town experience so far compare to the previous places you’ve lived?
It’s obviously a lot different from China, but also from the UK. The greatest thing is that now I have a good overview of the differences and similarities among Asian, Western and Eastern European countries. Budapest is the heart of Central and Eastern Europe, and I really enjoy being here. Sometimes I travel to Vienna as well.

Was Budapest the way you expected it to be?
Not at all! I expected Budapest to be a calm and slow city, maybe even a boring one. Luckily, I found it’s quite the opposite: it’s a lively, loud and fascinating place.

How do you find balancing studies and a social life here?
The research schedule for my course is quite tight but I think it’s still manageable. I hope I will also have the time and opportunity to do some volunteer work here, just like I did back in the UK and China. I’ve been involved with environmental protection and also in helping the disabled and the aged. Here, I’d be interested in something involving human rights protection, as issues like freedom of speech are very topical nowadays.

Do you think CEU can help you in this matter?
I hope so. Based on my previous experience, they’re very helpful and solution-oriented. Also, my professors are very flexible; they listen to our suggestions to improve their modules. This is something I’ve never experienced before.

Wir bedanken uns bei Minhua Lin!

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